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Platform Features

Taking our 3+ decades of culture and talent expertise and turning it into your business strategy.

Easy Survey Creation

The EDASurveys™ platform offers a complete set of pre-built surveys for every department. Plus top-tier assessments for HR & leadership development including EDA’s proprietary 360-Degree Surveys, Culture 20/20®, T.E.A.M Effectiveness survey and more.

  • Pre-Built Surveys
  • Top-Tier Assessment
  • Department Friendly
  • Easily Accessible

Unlimited Channels

Enhance your organization's survey distribution by efficiently managing multiple channels in a centralized platform with EDA Surveys™. Easily create dedicated channels for departments or specific events, ensuring that all surveys remain accessible exclusively to channel members.

  • Compare Channel Activity
  • Selective Management
  • Track Projects
  • Unlimited Channels

Powerful Send Options

We've integrated a powerful send feature in our platform that allows you to create and manage unique audience sets, fully customize and track release dates, and leverage our follow-up messaging system to manage your responses.

  • Create Audience Lists
  • Fully Customizable
  • Track Dates
  • Manage Responses

Competency Library

Manage your organization's competencies in one central library for quick reference and easy tracking. Use this library as a framework to determine where your employees are currently and where they are going in the future.

  • Central Library
  • Quick References
  • Easy Tracking
  • Competency Templates

Our Templates

We provide top-of-the-line research-backed surveys that drive immediate change in your organization.

Basic Surveys

Enterprise Surveys

Culture 20/20 Survey

360-Degree Survey

ROI Assessment

Reference Checks

T.E.A.M. Effectiveness

Pulse Survey


The number one reason mergers and acquisitions fail is culture clash. Get access to our platform now to start building a better culture.

Introducing Culture AI with EDASurveys +

EDASurveys + is a comprehensive survey platform offering advanced analytics, real-time reporting, and actionable insights to drive informed decision-making and enhance organizational performance.

Monitor Culture Alerts

Stay informed with real-time Culture Alerts, monitoring shifts, and staying ahead of potential challenges.

Track Culture Scores

Track your organization's culture health over time, analyze trends, and measure the impact of culture initiatives.

Pinpoint Critical Areas

Efficiently pinpoint critical areas within your culture and prioritize improvement efforts based on data-driven insights.


Increase employee engagement by 20% by elevating your company insights with real-time AI-driven culture analytics. Get access now.

Instant Culture Reporting

Clean, thorough, and easy-to-read reports on our proprietary suite of culture survey tools.

Culture 20/20® Survey

Our proprietary Culture 20/20® report includes the 12 categories CEOs agree they need to track with strategies for growth. Our report allows leaders to gain insights into how their culture is impacting their business.

360-Degree Report

Our proprietary 360-Degree Survey Report is an in-depth breakdown of your leadership teams with targeted competency ratings, skill gap analysis and comment breakdowns for sentiment.

T.E.A.M.® Effectiveness Survey

Our proprietary T.E.A.M. Survey report indicates the effectiveness of your team as a whole. Team members rate themselves and their managers to get an overall picture of how the team is doing and where it can improve in a predefined Team Dimension.

Not only is the technology platform the best option for us, we have also found the EDA team has a true partnership mentality.

Dr. Cabot JaffeePresident & CEO, AlignMark

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