Our Company

EDA is a top-of-the-house human capital firm that helps you build compelling company culture that will last.

Good Culture is Better Business.

EDA works as part of your team to design and deliver solutions that create compelling cultures and develop your leaders in a way that helps achieve your vision and advance the strategy of your organization.

Our Core Values

We are authentic, honest and transparent. We put our clients’ needs first and work hard to exceed their expectations in every way. We continually drive innovation through deliberate thought leadership.

Our Vision

To be a peerless top-of-the-house partner for our clients & to help companies create compelling cultures through our premium technology and services.

Our Mission

To partner with our clients using our premium technology and services to build and maintain compelling cultures that attract and retain great talent and ultimately help them win in the marketplace.


Why Choose EDA?

EDA was the first organization ever to focus on executive development that advances company strategy. Combining almost 4 decades of experience with an innovative track record of positive results, EDA uses integrated and innovative solutions with leadership and strategy at the center.

First to Offer Executive Development to Advance Strategy

  • 4+ Decades Developing

    Combining over 40 years of top-of-the-house expereience with an innovative track record combining 30 million in ROI

  • Integrated & Innovative Solutions

    Integrated solutions with leadership and strategy at the center surrounded by innovative culture technology

  • Proprietary Process

    With experience developing Fortune 100 clients, we've curated powerful propriety programs that are effective

Excellent Track Record on Achieveing Vision and ROI Strategy

  • Powerful Custom Programs

    Highly targeted custom programs and integrated solutions to maximize business strategy and ROI

  • Metric Accountability

    We ensure excellent, measurable results for our clients with emphasis on accountability and sustainment

  • Industry Best Practices

    EDA remains up-to-date with the very latest in what works across a variety of industries


Talent and Culture Experts

EDA’s Talent and Culture Expert Coaches have over 20 years of experience in corporate leadership and leadership development to ensure we never lose sight of the bottom line. Our approach is results-focused and insanely practical. Leaders walk away from each coaching session with actionable, behavioral strategies they can apply immediately.

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Advising The Best

EDA has partnered with top organizations around the world, many of them Fortune 100 companies. EDA has lead and outsourced programs, processes and strategy for both large and small corporations and advised over 240 CEOs and senior leaders on vision, leadership, strategy and culture.

At EDA, we believe in partnering with the client make culture visible. From providing advice, support and consulting to a complete outsourced service where an EDA team member runs a successful, high impact program with your organization, EDA works with your company to achieve results.

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EDA, Inc. is known throughout the world as a leader in business consulting and coaching. Partner with EDA to make culture visible within your organization. We will work together to develop solutions, integrate programs and produce top-of-the-house results. Our seasoned team of experienced coaches, facilitators and consultants are eager to team up with your organization. Fill out the form below to be contacted by an EDA team member and get the process started.