Custom Executive Development

EDA uses their innovative Rapid-Cycle Diagnostics and Design system to meet the ever increasing need for faster “time to market” in creating new executive development or talent management strategies, systems or programs.


Valued Impact

By combining Rapid-Cycle Diagnostics with EDA's innovative Rapid-Cycle Design your organization will save both time and money. The output of this diagnostics process is a report of findings and recommendations including a prioritized list of the development needs, i.e., the executive/leadership capabilities needed to successfully address your marketplace challenges and achieve your strategic objectives. This is followed by the Rapid-Cycle Workshop to analyze the results and create preferred design options for your company to utilize.

How we do this

Our Approach

Conducting Needs Assessment

Rapid-Cycle Diagnostics is designed to reduce the time and cost of the needs assessment process and to increase engagement. The web-based needs assessment can be created, implemented and analyzed in approximately 20% of the time of interviewing a typical 15% sample of the target audience.

Identifying Capabilities

EDA’s Rapid-Cycle Diagnostics® begins the process by identifying the prioritized executive capabilities that must be developed via the executive/leadership development strategy/system/program design.

Accelerating the Process

The Rapid-Cycle Design Workshop accelerates the normal design process significantly by bringing all key stakeholders (HR, line executives, representatives of the target audience, advisory board members, etc.) together to analyze the results of the diagnostics/needs assessment and create preferred design options.


Rapid-Cycle Diagnostics Outcomes

  • Enhanced understanding of the marketplace challenges, and business vision, strategy and objectives
  • The leadership capabilities required to address marketplace challenges and execute strategy
  • The leadership capabilities required to address marketplace challenges and execute strategy
  • Creation and maintanence of leadership competencies with a 360 feedback instrument
  • Identification of implementation issues for the development strategy, programs & processes

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