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Empower your leaders with EDACulture Suite™ to build a high-performance culture that attracts top talent.

Culture Tech

Suite for Talent & Culture

Drive success with our EDACulture Suite™ by empowering leaders and optimizing organizational performance.

Enterprise Surveys

EDA Surveys®

EDA Surveys® is an easy-to-use survey platform designed to help companies enhance their company culture through data-driven insights. With customizable surveys, research-backed templates, and powerful reporting, EDA Surveys® will add lift to your organization immediately.

Culture Analytics

EDA Culture®

EDA Culture® is an advanced analytics dashboard that delivers real-time insights on company sentiment and culture health. With actionable alerts, organizations can make informed decisions to enhance their company culture. Stay proactive with EDA Culture® Coming Soon!


The number one reason mergers and acquisitions fail is culture clash. Get access to our platform now to start building a better culture.

Tech & Talent

Our Integrated Culture Approach

We provide a top-shelf talent services that augment the diagnostic power of our tools to help you build a better culture.

Discover Critical Culture Insights

In order to make compelling cultures that last, your organization must discover and see the spirit of your culture, build your culture to withstand disruptions, track shifts in your culture in order to adapt, and maintain your culture standards. Select and develop your talent using a wide array of data to spot where gaps are hiding and where growth can occur.

  • Discover your Culture
  • Learn to Adapt
  • Develop your Talent
  • Find Growth Opportunities
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Track Shifts in Company Culture

To help you create and sustain this compelling culture, EDA has a culture ecosystem with top-of-the-house technology that includes our EDA Surveys™ and EDA Culture tools that allow your organization to truly make culture visible with accessible that saves time and money, but drives results. These tools combined with EDA's experienced coaching, training and education, give your organization an all-encompassing culture toolbox at your fingertips.

  • Sustain your Culture
  • Save Time and Money
  • Coaching, Training, Education
  • Comprehensive Culture Toolbox
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Build Disruption Proof Culture

We work as part of your team to design and deliver solutions that create compelling cultures, develop your leaders to achieve a strong vision and advance the strategy of your organization.

  • Deliver Effective Solutions
  • Achieve a Strong Vision
  • Advance your Strategy
  • Develop your Leaders
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Maintain your Culture Standards

Our carefully organized dashboards give leaders culture at their fingertips with drill-down capabilities and views on culture to the board, the investors, and potential employees to ask good strategic questions and make informed employment choices.

  • Culture at your Fingertips
  • Make Informed Decisions
  • Ask Strategic Questions
  • Carefully Organized Dashboards
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Build a Free Survey

Sign up to our EDA Surveys and begin benefiting from a variety of diagnostic surveys to track and grow your culture


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We provide top-of-the-line research-backed surveys that drive immediate change in your organization. These surveys are formatted to quickly get bottom-line results. This efficient process allows your company to get the information you need while saving both time and money.

Yes! Our proprietary assessments and surveys have detailed, attractive and clear reports, and they include aggregated data to highlight meaningful value points that would normally go unseen. These reports can be exported from the platform for ease of use.

Whether it be sales, marketing, operations, etc., manage all of your organization's teams in one place with EDA Surveys. Track team development and the impact of changes on the team's performance. See how teams compare against one another and develop action plans for improvement.

EDA Mail, EDA Trade and EDA Cloud are all coming soon, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

To help you create and sustain a compelling culture, EDA has developed a culture ecosystem that includes proprietary top-of-the-house technology products that allow your organization to truly make culture visible with accessible that saves time and money, but drives results. These tools combined with EDA's experienced coaching, training and education, give your organization an all-encompassing culture toolbox at your fingertips.

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