Shing Pan

Member, Board of Directors

Shing has over 20 years of C-Suite experience, leading strategic growth/innovation initiatives, business and corporate development, venture financing, and marketing. She brings her C-Suite expertise, extensive industry and domain knowledge, and deep understanding of the competitive landscapes to executive leadership and boards and helps companies strategically position for growth. Throughout her career, Shing demonstrated her versatility and ability to add value in governance and leadership roles across new product disciplines, and new industry and application domains, from Artificial Intelligence, Digital and Customer Experience Transformation, to Visual Computing and Computer Simulation, among others.

Shing has developed long-term relationships with investors, investment bankers, end-user customers, and technology and service providers. She accesses her extensive network and connections as a board member and an operator for companies growing organically or through acquisition. Shing is a frequent speaker and panelist for leading technology conferences. She is a strong promoter of ESG Diversity and Inclusion and actively mentors women in technology and business. In 2020, Shing was nominated by VentureBeat Transform for Women in AI’s AI Entrepreneur Award.

Shing earned her MBA from Cornell University, an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Northern Illinois University, her Board Certification from Harvard Business School, and Corporate Finance, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency Certificates from Wharton Business School. Shing lives in San Francisco and travels globally.

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