Sae Schatz, Ph.D

Keynote Speaker

Sae (“Say”) Schatz holds expertise at the intersection of learning and development, technology, and data. Sae brings diverse executive leadership experience to EDA in the US and international defense sectors, and as part of the civil service. Sae is the current co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Bedrock Learning, Inc., and has held other actionable roles as a director of research, development, and policy stewardship program, an applied human systems scientist in business and academia, and an assistant professorship in Simulation and Training. Sae is results-focused and brings a practical approach to the team.

Sae speaks and writes on a variety of topics relating to cognition, critical thinking, decision-making, modernizing learning, AI, and learning engineering and education. Sae has several publications and also demonstrates creative abilities in graphic design by enhancing books, presentations, and infographics.

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