Rose Cartolari

Senior Consultant, Facilitator, C-Suite Coach

Rose Cartolari is a Senior Consultant, Facilitator, and C-Suite Coach at Executive Development Associates, bringing extensive experience in helping leaders create strategic growth for themselves and their organizations. Rose has extensive experience developing and delivering tailored leadership development programs for clients ranging from multinational companies to corporate executives. Having lived and been educated in India, Indonesia, Somalia, the United States, and Italy, Rose is at home in many cultures.

Rose has an active international practice and is a professionally fluid and experienced creator and leader of strategy-based leadership development programs across diverse cultures and nationalities.   She has taught at Columbia University Business School (New York, USA), SDA Bocconi School of Management (Milan, Italy), and University of Milano – Bicocca (Milan, Italy). She also collaborates with the CIS/Corno Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (Lecco, Italy) to build a more robust training program for northern Italian entrepreneurs.

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