Patricia Miranda-Sloan

Talent Management Consultant and Executive Coach

Patricia Miranda-Sloan is a Talent Management Consultant and Executive Coach for EDA, Inc. She has over twenty years of experience developing leaders at all levels of the organization. She has worked across industries including health care, financial services, technology, retail, automobile, education, legal services and not-for-profit. Pat has worked with these companies as an assessment expert to develop training programs, deliver team-building seminars, implement career development initiatives, create diversity empowerment programs, provide coaching/leadership development and address outplacement and selection. Her goal in working across these myriad corporate environments has been to create customized approaches to meet each client’s specific needs. She is recognized for her ability to learn each culture quickly, create necessary adaptations to the approach in order to achieve meaningful results speedily and to clearly communicate in language most meaningful to each individual involved.

As an organizational leader herself in the role of National Director of Consultant Services for Consulting Psychologists Press (CPP, Inc.), Pat oversaw a national team of consultants who developed and delivered assessment-based programs for top universities and Fortune 500 companies. Pat is also fully certified in these and other assessment tools and brings a psychometric foundation to each consulting project and coaching engagement. Her consulting expertise includes teambuilding, leadership development, selection and executive coaching work. She is also considered an expert in leadership assessments and applying them diagnostically at both the individual employee and organizational levels.

Pat holds a Masters in Applied Psychology from New York University and has traveled nationally in her leadership and consulting roles. She is based in New York City.

Pat’s professional memberships include the American Society of Training & Development (ASTD), the International Association of Career Professionals (ACP) and the Association for Psychological Type (APT). She also holds senior faculty positions with the American Management Association and the Center for Applications of Psychological Type (CAPT).

In addition, she holds certifications in the following assessment tools:

  • Rapid Cycle DiagnosticSM & Rapid Cycle DesignSM (Needs Analysis & Program Design)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, MBTI® (Communication Preferences)
  • California Psychological Inventory™ (Personality Assessment)
  • FIRO-B™ (Behavior Assessment)
  • Strong Interest Inventory® (Interest Assessment)
  • Watson Glaser II Appraisal®( Critical Thinking Skills Assessment)
  • My Thinking Styles ™ (Critical Thinking Preference Assessment)

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