Lou Quinto

Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach

Lou Quinto is an executive coach and keynote speaker for companies and organizations internationally. Lou brings clients over 30 years of experience in employee development, management training, executive coaching and consulting with expertise in management and critical thinking skills, professional presentation skills and motivational speaking. Lou has been working with clients internationally since 1992. His clients include General Motors, Rolls Royce, Owens Corning, AMAX Coal, Kraft Foods, KPMG, McKesson Corp, Phillip Morris, Caterpillar, Sears, Sunoco, Perot Systems, TJ Maxx, Halliburton and Bank of Montreal.

Clients consider Lou’s style of training and consulting as engaging, motivating, and productive which makes him a popular choice for conducting conference seminars, management retreats and executive coaching sessions.  Lou speaks on a variety of topics including critical and strategic thinking, innovation and creativity, as well as professional communication skills. 

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