Laura Kiernan

Member, Board of Directors

Laura Kiernan is the CEO & Founder of High Touch Investor Relations (HTIR) and Raising Millions, the Financial Literacy Course for Founders. HTIR specializes in coaching and matchmaking – we coach management teams on how to match the RIGHT investors to their companies to help maximize fair value for a firm. When companies are not fairly valued, it affects all of their constituents – shareholders, employees and even their customers. We help enable companies to achieve fair value in the capital markets, and raise new capital, especially in circumstances that can sometimes feel impossible by matching companies to the right investors.

What differentiates High Touch from other firms and company Investor Relations Officers is that we have a very high level of credibility on the Street and significant long-term relationships with investors, analysts and banks that have been honed over the past 20+ years. We also have the experience, knowledge and skills to have the tough conversations with managements on how to position their company and investor story to maximize enterprise value. We’ve been very successful with tripling, on average, enterprise value through the implementation of our proprietary 5-Step Transformative IR Plan™. This product is an 18-24 month retainer program.

HTIR additionally offers a Small Business Start-up Package for a monthly retainer fee that helps founders with Capital Raising Readiness through proven capital raising strategies. HTIR’s coaching and capital raising strategies prepares entrepreneurs to raise the capital they need to fund their business. Pricing depends on the level of service needed and is custom to each founder and company. We also provide the entrepreneur with a high-potential investor list for them to reach out to directly to do their own capital raising, which is included in the retainer.

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