Cathy McCullough

Senior Consultant and Coach

Cathy McCullough is a Senior Consultant and Coach for EDA. She has worked in the area of organization & leadership development for over 20 years. She consults with leadership groups within organizations of all sizes & sectors in the areas of leadership, organizational culture, decision-making, communication, & executive coaching. Her emphasis on leadership analysis, organizational resilience, and organizational equity guides leaders to challenge many of their own assumptions about leadership and its impact on bottom-line performance.

Cathy was privileged to be selected as the very first coach to work with the then newly formed US Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA). In addition, Cathy has consulted and coached with organizations of all sizes and sectors such as St. Luke’s Hospital, Tantus Technologies, Superior Energy Services (Complete Production Services), Oklahoma Spine Hospital, World Neighbors, Genie Well Service, Southwest Electric Transformer Division, the dZi Foundation, ASM Research, Topographic, Inc., Ignite Social Media, and the Federal Aviation Administration, to name a few. In addition, Cathy has provided focused strategic coaching to many member companies of Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) such as FIRMA Foreign Exchange, Saifunds, Cactus Club Café,, AMES, Inc., Garibaldi Glass Industries, and more.

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